Ahhhhh Capri. The ultimate Italian island retreat and a favoured holiday destination since the time of the Romans. After all, it is the home of former Emperor Tiberius. During the mid-19th century the island was a magnate for artists and writers and by the 1960s it was the destination of choice by some of the world's most famous gliteratti. 

We caught the morning ferry from Positano and stepped off at Marina Grande in Capri shortly after. We breezed past the tacky bars and souvenir shops and jumped right on the funicular and headed up to Capri town. The majority of Capri is accessible only by foot so we spent most of our morning exploring squares, side streets and shops. Before long our tummies were grumbling and it was time for lunch - insalata caprese and pizza margherita - all with the most beautiful view stretching all the way to Naples.

After lunch we decided to explore the island by sea so we hired a boat and a captain and away we went. Our gentle chug around the limestone island revealed secret coves and sea caves, beautiful beaches only accessible by boat, villas tucked in amongst the cliffs and towering rock formations looming over inky-blue depths.