Joyful Front Entryways.

When it comes to decorating for the holidays, you simply cannot forget your front entrance. Many people spend just as much time decorating their front entryways as they do putting up the tree. 

Between holiday parties, friends' dropping in and overnight house guests, our homes are on display more than ever this time of year. And because the front porch is the first thing that your guests will see when they visit you during the holidays, you want to make sure that it offers a festive touch that will last all season long.

Whether you want to make a few quick changes, or you have a more ambitious decorating project in mind, here are a few simple ways that you can add a little holiday cheer to your entryway. 

The welcome wagon.

1.) Wreaths.

The front door wreath is a classic Christmas welcome and an introduction to your home's interior. As a result, it's important to consider your interior colour scheme and  decorating style when buying a wreath. If you have a hard time finding a wreath with your home's interior colour scheme pick a neutral wreath, they are always a safe bet and my absolute favourite!

Be sure to measure your door before you go shopping. My front door is 42 inches wide so I opted for a 24 inch wide wreath. This left me with enough space on each side to serve as a frame around the wreath, which gives it a nice appearance.

Since this is our first Christmas in our new house I opted for a live wreath. I bought this beautiful woodland wreath from Art Knapp and just love its lush simplicity. If you're wanting to add a little extra sparkle, use the ribbon to hang your wreath from the door instead of a hook. Or weave some ribbon all the way around the wreath for something more dramatic. 

2.) Lush Holiday Planters.

You don't have to purchase a lot of decorations to give your entryway a festive touch. If you have large planters, fill them to the brim with seasonal greens, branches and leaves, then add some pinecones, ribbon or red ornaments to make them really pop. Or you could tie a wide red or gold ribbon around the pots and then add your decorations. 

If you don't have any supplies on hand or have simply run out of time just take your planters down to your favourite local nursery and have them make them up for you!  No matter which way you decide to go lush festive planters make for a dramatic holiday greeting at any front door.

3.) Ribbon & Burlap Garland.

This year I opted for a subtle gold ribbon but if you want a more rustic, traditional looking Christmas front entryway, you can use burlap instead. Burlap is relatively inexpensive and makes for great rustic looking decor. Whichever direction you choose, just line your porch rail or your outdoor trees (if you have them) with the ribbon or burlap, add a few lights and you have a beautiful Christmas display that is easy and inexpensive.

4.) Use lots of Lights.

You can really do a lot with clear Christmas lights. I chose to add some to my outdoor planters and just wrapped them around the pine sprigs and holly. I bought two sets (one for each planter) of Micro LED Lights from Art Knapp in Kelowna, but I'm sure you could find them pretty much anywhere. The lights are totally great, they've got three different functions, a timer, and they operate on batteries so you can use them outside. But no matter how decide to use them, outdoor lights are a must for your Christmas decorating!