Framing Underway.

Lots of change - the house is starting to look like a house, finally.

We poured the foundation back in October 2014 and have been framing ever since. It's been a long process, fraught with lots of delays, mainly due to material suppliers (our roof trusses were delayed an entire month!). Then there was the Christmas break, which resulted in another two weeks of nothing getting done. Now it's the New Year and we are back in business! Certainly feeling more optimistic that things will start to move a little more smoothly from here on in ;).

As I mentioned above, framing has been in full swing for a while. Most of the walls are up; there's still a few to go - mostly downstairs - but I am able to walk through and get a good idea of what some of the main spaces will be like. It's feeling really great so far!

Foundation day.

Swinging hammers.

Framing underway.

More framing.

The lower level.

One, two, three..... Lift!

My hubby hub.

Roofing in full swing.

Still framing.


Starting to look like a house, finally.