Doors & Drywall.

Our plumbing, electrical, HVAC and insulation is complete and now we're on to drywall! Things are starting to look real:)

Dry wall is officially underway. This has been one of the most exciting phases to date in our custom home build, as our new house is beginning to transform from a structure/blueprint to the home that we hoped it would be. Rooms are becoming more defined and what our house is actually going to look like is starting to take shape.

Our exterior finishes have also begun. Paper and wiring is underway -  part one of the stucco process. Our soffits are almost completely installed and we are waiting on our cedar, which is on back order. The rock work around our front entrance and chimney should be getting underway early next week and all our exterior doors are now installed, including our beautiful garage doors! Confession: I'm totally in love with our front door, which is made entirely out of cedar and glass -  it still needs to be stained and the hardware installed but that won't happen for a few more weeks. It's all coming together!