The Boyfriend Shirt.

Soooo today's blog post is a bit of a makeshift look out of my boyfriend's clothes. I was wearing his new Ralph Lauren Polo button up while I was getting ready (I love the comfort and looseness of a men's fit), and as I didn't have time to change before I left I just decided to wear it to the shoot - with the intention of changing into my actual outfit once I arrived on site. Needless to say I forgot my intended outfit at home and didn't even realize it until I got to the shoot location!

However, there's more to infusing your beau's leftovers than efficiency. Take a cue from the French street-style stars who have mastered the look: Vogue Paris editor Emmanuelle Alt can be seen in loose-fitting men's button-ups tucked into skinny jeans, topped off with a pair of heels.

There are certainly a multitude of ways to wear your boyfriend shirt - as a jacket over a dress, pair it with leggings or distressed jeans. A checked shirt with denim shorts is a classic look you will want to try - just make sure the shorts are short and snug-fitting to counteract the loose fit of the boyfriend shirt. I also love it when a boyfriend shirt is worn slightly more unbuttoned with a good roll to the sleeves, otherwise I find the silhouette can be a bit overwhelming.