Progress So Far.

So sorry it's been forever since my last post on the house but things have been busy! We've had lots of headaches over the last few months, the majority of which were with our general contractor. He has been nothing but awful - rude, disrespectful, disorganized, terrible management skills and was the king at passing blame that was really his.

He had a total lack of professionalism and commitment to the project - months would go by and I would never see him at the job site. If I arranged a site meeting with him, many times he would simply fail to show up.

When undertaking a big project such as this, one would expect that timely and good-natured communication from your contractor would be a given - he should be able to convey exactly what's going on. This was totally not our experience, as our contractor was evasive and hard-to-contact.

I'm no building expert. But as the homeowner, I have a right to know what's going on. And it's my contractor's job to effectively communicate this information to me. A missed call is one thing, but failure to return a call promptly is another. Our contractor's communication was vague at best, difficult to understand and was even on occasion delivered with ill temper.

To anyone who is about to build a house or undertake any renovations, remember, your contractor works for you, and regular reports to his boss (you) is part of the job description! Suffice it to say, we fired our general contractor about a month and a half ago now. THANK GOD!!!! I drove myself nearly batty with frustration and rage having to deal with him.

We chose not to hire a new contractor and instead decided that I would take on the role - I was basically doing his job already, before we fired him. Everything has been going great so far, we are into the finishing stage so there are lots of trades to organize and coordinate. I've been learning lots and have been enjoying the process. I am at the house everyday and if I'm not on site I'm running around, doing errands and making sure the trades have all the things they need to keep moving forward.

So where do we stand so far.... In terms of exterior finishes our stone work and cedar are both complete and we are just waiting for the stucco colour coat to be applied, which will be happening next week! As for the inside, we are deep into cabinet mode and our tile work began about a week ago. We still have a few more weeks of tile to go as there is a fair bit of it. But it sure is exciting to see everything finally start to come together! Stay tuned!!!