Kimono Cool.

The kimono has been one of this years most coveted trends - the modern cousins of the ancient Japanese garment are everywhere from the music festival circuit to the runways. And they're being worn by everyone from Olivia Palermo and Kendall Jenner to fashion loving teens, street style stars and Starbucks toting moms. 

The kimono is certainly one helluva trend. It can be bohemian, western cool, St. Tropez glamorous, sexy housewife effortless, gypsy knockout beauty, rock n' roll chic, feminine, grungy or posh hobo. It's incredibly feminine and very sexy, its Alexa Chung meets Vanessa Hudgens cool.

So how to wear the kimono and get that coveted boho chic look? Just throw one on! They look great with shorts, dresses, skirts, bustier tops, camisoles, tees, over swimsuits and over anything you'd actually rock during the day or night. And the styles they come in... OMG! Like a trillion of them: long, short, midi, prints, fringe, silky, oversized, the possibilities are endless.

Of course my favourite way to wear these silky garments is over jeans and a tee (or a tank) - it just adds a bit of razzmatazz to an otherwise ordinary outfit. You could be at home in your PJ's and throw one on and you end up looking fab while making coffee. But however you decide to rock a kimono be sure to keep the rest of your look streamlined and modern to avoid looking too costumey.

Confession: I sometimes liken my kimono to a cape, and with it the superpower it may hold. Just think about it, what if, when wearing a kimono we'd all turn into superheroes who can wear 6 inch heels, rock pink hair, drink with no hangovers and sing and dance like Beyonce. Sounds pretty good right?? But even if all this is a slight stretch from reality, we could still give the kimono a try. It is after all, quite fabulous, so a hidden power to it may not be so far from the truth.

Outfit Details:

Kimono - Gypsy Soul Designs 

Shoes - Sole Society

Ring - Julie Vos

Bracelets - Leah Alexandra