The Blanket Scarf.

True story: I am always cold. My friends and family can certainly attest to it. And because I always seem to be a total freeze baby I own more than my fair share of scarves.

So, how to look chic and cuddly this fall without drowning in fabric? I introduce, the blanket scarf. 

Blanket scarves are a jumbo version of the scarf that are so big they can even be used as, you guessed it, a blanket. They're warm, cozy, comfortable and perfectly oversized to double as a scarf, wrap, shawl, and yes, even a blanket.

But despite how versatile they are, blanket scarves can be hard to figure out. There's so much fabric that it's easy to look at it and go "how the eff do I wrap this around my neck?" If you want to embrace the coziest trend of the season, I've got you covered!

1. The wrap around. I love this one because its simple. Just wrap it around your neck 3 or 4 times and tie it in a knot in front. It's a great style for really cold weather as you can tuck your mouth into the scarf as all the bulk is around your head and neck as opposed to being tucked inside your jacket. 

2. Belted. Put the middle of the scarf at the back of your neck and pull it over your boobs like a halter top. You can then belt it loosely around your waist.

3. Shawl/Cape. Just leave it draped over your shoulders and arms like a blanket - kinda like a kimono vibe. It's always easy and really doesn't need anything.

4. Snowman. Last but not least the absolute easiest way to wear a blanket scarf is to tie it in the same way you would as if you were putting it on a snowman. It's the most iconic and classic way to tie a scarf.