Picking the Perfect Dining Room Table.

Well it's been two months since Dennis, Rypien (furry) and I moved into our new house and so far so good! We've slowly been making our way into the furniture phase but to be honest, I'm still a little burnt out from all the decision making that went into picking everything for the house. But after moving in we realized that there were a few things we needed right away, and for us that was a new dining room table and chairs.

Now choosing the right dining room furniture was a bit of an overwhelming affair, especially since I didn't know exactly what I was looking for at first. There are so many shapes and sizes of dining tables, the options are simply endless!  Which one would be right for me? The look of your table is important, of course, but making sure it fits your space and gives enough seating is even more critical. But after a bit of research and rifling through a serious stack of design magazines I was able to find my stride and narrow down my options. So incase any of you find yourselves in a similar situation and have no idea where to even start, here are a few tips and tricks that I learned along the way.

1.) Shape.

One of the first decisions that I needed to make was what the shape of our dining room table was going to be. And since our dining room is somewhat long and narrow we opted for a rectangular table. This shape fit the space the best and left lots of room for traffic flow.

Now don't get me wrong I'm a big fan of round tables too, but they tend to be better for small spaces. They're perfect for creating a more intimate setting and you can usually fit more people around them because they have no corners. 

2.) Size.

Be sure to measure the space around the room! This is so important!! The golden rule here is to ensure there is at least 42" - 48" between your table and the edge of any adjoining wall or furniture. This is to allow your diners to sit down and get up easily from their seats.

Now to test out an approximate table size in our dining room I first taped out the area according to the measurements above. I then grabbed a bed sheet, folded it into the appropriate shape and placed it where the table was going to go. This served as a bit of a template for the size of the table and helped me visualize the space that it would take up.

We ended up deciding on a table size of 48" x 85", which seats eight people comfortably and still leaves enough room to walk around it. 

3.) Style.

Once you've got your dimensions figured out you can then move on to style - by far the hardest part! Crafting that brilliant dining room is all about getting the theme and the style right. Since our house has an open floor plan I wanted to opt for a table that seemed like a natural extension of the remainder of the living area.

Now some of you might want to add chic contrast by using a rustic table in a modern space or even a minimalist metal table in a room dominated by warm wood tones. But no matter which style you go with, remember that the table you choose will set the tone for the entire dining area.

After looking at countless options we decided on a solid wood table. These are very durable and long-lasting as most scratches and/or stains can be repaired, however, they do tend to be more expensive. We opted for a dark stain on our table which fits the modern design of our house and gives it a sleek sophistication.

We bought our table from a Vancouver based company called Once a Tree Furniture. I loved these guys! Super helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, and they make all their own furniture onsite right below their showroom! They offer loads of great custom solutions and everything is made with quality materials and expert craftsmanship. As a result, our dining room table is a unique, long lasting and well designed piece that we will enjoy for years to come. Whether it's a lovely evening dinner with the family or a grand holiday celebration, this table will play the ideal host!

Dining Room Details:

Calvin Dining Table from Once a Tree Furniture.