Nursery Ideas.

I've slowly been working on clearing out the nursery room - it's basically been the junk room since we moved into our house almost two years ago. The original intention was to make this room my office with beautiful built in bookshelves, but all that changed once we found out we were pregnant. So I've spent the last few weeks slowly going through everything, throwing stuff away, shredding old documents and moving things out.

My vision for the nursery is to have it be as uncluttered as possible, which could be challenging since it seems like you need an endless supply of stuff for a baby. I really want to keep things to the basics and only get the things that are absolutely crucial. I haven't really started purchasing yet, but I've slowly been researching and creating a plan so that I know everything will work together.

The room isn't huge but it isn't tiny either so I have some flexibility that way, but I definitely don't want to fill it up with stuff just because. Besides the crib, glider/rocker, and dresser I'm also considering a cozy neutral rug and a small floating shelf for toys and books - and that's hopefully it. I think that's pretty standard right? Am I missing anything??

I'm going to hold off on any decor and accessory items until I get the main pieces in place. Again, I'm not planning on going nuts here... Just a few key pieces that will add some texture, tie everything together and make the room pop. I've been eyeing up some baskets for storage, a cool mobile and of course some pretty wall art.

Well, that's really all the updates I have so far, excited to get it started and share it with you guys! For anyone that has done this before - I would love some advice on what I'm missing, what's absolutely necessary, and what I don't need that everyone says I do, etc.

Since we don't know the sex of our little babe I've decided to keep the overall nursery plan and design pretty neutral. Here are some of my favourite neutral nursery ideas...

Here are a few of the actual items I'm considering...