Modern Nursery Reveal.

I have been so excited to reveal my nursery and today is the day!! When I first started designing the space one of the main things that I had to focus on was making it gender neutral. Dennis and I decided not to find out the sex of our little babe and I of course wanted to have everything fully set up and ready to go for the big arrival.  The space also needed to be calming for me as I know I'll be spending a LOT of time in there... So I decided on neutral colours and lots natural textures - wood, linen, wool - to tie everything together.

I kept all the furniture in the room neutral so it would all blend nicely and not make the room feel too small. The crib is Babyletto which we purchased from Westcoast Kids in Vancouver and I love the clean lines and stylish design. The glider and dresser are both from Lexi and Lake here in Kelowna. The dresser is definitely my favourite piece in the room, it was also the most spend-y. As a design lover I dread the bright, plastic-y aesthetic of most baby gear, which is why I decided to invest in a forever piece that I know I will love long after the nursery days are over. These beautiful quality pieces helped create a gorgeous framework for me to work with and helped set the tone for the entire room. 

Once I had these main pieces nailed down I started to build the rest of the room around them - rug, drapes, decor, etc. It was a bit challenging as there are so many options to choose from! I wanted it to feel clean and uncluttered, modern but cosy.

I struggled a bit with the rug but eventually settled on this scandinavian inspired wool rug from Ikea. The rug is a creamy light beige, which layers really well with all the other whites happening in the room. I knew that a totally all white rug would be a bit of a problem, but I find this one to be a little more forgiving. I layered it with a faux sheepskin and man is it cosy! My chocolate lab Rypien is especially fond if it!

The window treatments are from Restoration Hardware. I ordered them online and am quite pleased with how they turned out - they're great quality and add a nice amount of softness to the room. I went with the Belgian Heavyweight Textured Linen in Natural. I find that linen in particular has such a beautiful texture and I love the way the fabric drapes and breaks. Although these drapes are lined they aren't blackout, but I did install a roll down blackout blind for the same window. 

I knew I wanted to add a bit of pattern, something really soft and not too busy, but wasn't keen on the idea of wallpaper. So I decided to go with some decals from Urban Walls for a little fun and whimsy. I decided on their irregular shaped dots in light grey and placed them randomly on the wall behind the crib. Unlike wallpaper, these were an installation dream! And they totally made the space feel special without being labour intensive. Just peel and stick! But what I love most about them is that they can easily be removed and won't damage your walls!

And of course no nursery would be complete without a mobile, and this brass moon mobile from Restoration Hardware was such a great addition to the space.

Many of the pieces I bought for the nursery were purchased sight unseen which can be tricky! Not being able to see a product before committing to it can be terrifying. I kept thinking... what if it doesn't go together? What if it doesn't flow? But somehow it all worked out in the end. I was patient with my choices which I think had a lot to do with it. It took me about two months to complete this room - including sourcing all the pieces that I wanted and waiting on products to be shipped. Everything came together slowly and eventually the room came to life. 

This is one lucky little baby. And I'm clearly a very lucky mama who's job it was to design such a special space. This nursery might just be my new favourite room in the house! All the hearts in the world for my little babe.

Modern Nursery Reveal
Modern Nursery.