Dainty Jewelry.

In the past I've been all about big and bold jewelry. My jewelry collection shows that I tend to favour colourful bracelets, cocktail rings and statement necklaces. But recently, I've started to add more delicate pieces into my jewelry rotation. Now don't get me wrong, statement jewelry and oversized pieces absolutely have their place and purpose in every girl's wardrobe, but there's something about delicate and dainty pieces that is truly extra special.

Sometimes the most dainty little pieces can really be all you need to complete your look, and the simplest item is often times the best choice - think classic, elegant and minimal. There are lots of adorable and affordable delicate jewelry options out there to go with all your looks - show off your initials, favourite symbols, cute charms and zodiac signs. 

So how to wear thin jewelry??? You can stack the bracelets and/or rings and layer the necklaces to create a slightly more elevated look. Or keep it super simple with one tiny piece. Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but simple, dainty jewels are an everyday staple.