Baby & Body: 4 Month Update

Inès is 4 months old! FOUR MONTHS!!! I swear there are times when I feel like I've known her my entire life. And then there are times when I'm so amazed that she's actually here. My life is obviously forever changed. 

Since it's been a while since my last blog post I'm sure you can tell that I now have a hell of a lot less time on my hands!! Lol.


She's skyrocketed to a whopping 17 lbs 6 oz and is 27 inches long! That's in the 97th percentile people (which is where she was charting at her 2 month check-up)! So suffice it to say she is currently wearing 9-12 month old clothing and even a few 12-18 month pieces. She seems to be outgrowing items lengthwise on the regular.

She's so much more engaged these days. She now likes to watch me when I'm walking around the house, especially in the morning when I'm making breakfast.

There's been lots of smiling, cooing, giggling and squealing. I especially love the smiles I get when I go into get her in the morning or after each nap. She's also starting to laugh, and seeing her do so is one of my absolute favourite things. She can hold up her head and is starting to really grab at stuff, mostly toys and my hair! She also sucks the life out of her hands. She is working hard at rolling over, but hasn't totally figured it out yet. She's growing so fast and getting stronger everyday. I just love this little person so much and I'm so thankful every single moment for this precious baby girl.

Favourite Things - She LOVES seeing her reflection in the mirror. I've heard that she won't become aware that her reflection is actually her until about two years of age?? Not sure if this is totally true, but regardless, she sure is a big old ham whenever she sees that cute baby face in the mirror. She also likes car rides, going for walks and loves bath time.

Eating - 100% mama's milk.

Sleep - Inès has always been a good night sleeper. But when she hit 3.5 months she started to regress. Dennis was away at work when this started to happen. After two totally sleepless nights I was emotionally and physically exhausted so I decided to call in the reinforcements. I phoned up my mom and told her to pack a bag because she was coming over to help me sleep train. 

After 3 nights Inès was back to sleeping through the night! She now sleeps in her crib in her nursery.

I stick to a really consistent bed time routine which starts at 5:30pm with a nice warm bath, followed by a little massage with my absolute favourite Organic Baby Balm from Nezza Naturals. Then it's into her pj's and sleep sack. I start nursing her around 6:15pm and then she's usually asleep in her crib by 7:15pm. She will sleep through the night and tends to wake up sometime between 4:30am - 5:30am. I'll get up, do a diaper change, nurse her, and she'll go back to sleep for another couple of hours. 

The sleep training has also made a huge difference to her naps! While she was always a great sleeper at nights, she would rarely nap in her crib during the day. She now naps 3 - 4 times a day for 45 - 60 minute stretches in her CRIB! This never used to happen.  CONSISTENCY IS KEY! 

After she wakes up, I nurse her and then we hang out, play games, read books, etc. before she needs to go back down for another nap. Generally she will need to go down for a nap after about 90 - 120 minutes of wakefulness. I put her down drowsy but awake, and she is now able to self sooth and fall asleep on her own.

Through this process I've definitely learned about the power of persistence, consistency and routine, and how effective they are together. I've also learned a lot about my baby girl and have become more familiar with my own strengths. Though I am by no means a perfect parent (the perfect mother doesn't exist), I will strive to keep learning.

Our new sleep and nap routine has been game changing. This is one happy mama over here!

But that's enough of that - let's talk about sore tits and c-section scars!


C-Section Recovery - The first few days were pretty awful. Whenever I tried to use my core muscles (so.....pretty much most of the time) a sharp pain would shoot through me and I felt like my incision was going to explode. Sneezing, laughing, coughing were all no fly zones and getting in and out of bed was no picnic either. But after that first week or so things started to get a lot better and overall my recovery has been pretty amazing.

Body - I lost all the weight that I had gained during my pregnancy fairly quickly, which I think had a lot to do with the fact that I worked out and stayed in shape throughout my pregnancy and the fact that I'm breastfeeding. But it still took a week or two before my belly was back to being flat-ish. I had a little bit of linea negra near the end of my pregnancy, but that is long gone. It just ended up fading away. 

My boob size has exploded, as to be expected when breastfeeding. I did get a little bit of Mastitis, a.k.a. boob flu. What a bastard of a thing to get. Luckily I caught it really early so I was able to get on the antibiotics asap before I got deathly sick.

Workouts/Fitness - Because I had a c-section I had to wait 6 weeks before heading back to the gym. I really wasn't allowed to do anything during those first 6 weeks (not even vacuum) so I basically lost all the muscle tone that I had built up before and during my pregnancy. So when I was finally able to go back to the gym I felt like I was starting back at square one.

I've been doing my regular workout routine - which includes 4-5 days a week of either bootcamps, weights and/or cardio. I feel like I'm slowly starting to get my body back. Except for the two watermelons I have on my chest - these are cumbersome and definitely make running kinda uncomfortable. I also feel like I have this layer of fat left over from pregnancy that doesn't seem to want to go away. I've been told that it won't be until I stop breastfeeding that my body will truly start to feel back to normal again. Regardless, my workouts keep me sane and centred. They help to keep me energized for the day and I feel stronger, more focused and less anxious.

Mom Life - Don't get me wrong I love my baby girl, but there are days when I just don't feel like moming. It's especially hard when Dennis is away at work and I have to "be on" all the time and I get pretty worn down. I don't know if I've ever mentioned this but Dennis works away, alternating between one month at home and one month away at work. It's definitely more physically challenging for me but it's more emotionally challenging for him, being away and feeling like he's missing out on so much, especially when Inès changes by the day. But apart from that I really can't complain, everything is going really well and Dennis and I are just so smitten with our little munchkin. Lots of learning curves involved folks!