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Filtering by Category: Fashion

Bananas for Basket Bags.

Andrea Porritt

With Spring finally here, it's time to prep our closets for warmer days ahead. And that means swapping out my heavier winter pieces for some new easy breezy warm weather essentials. So I thought I'd start with my handbag. Nothing says springtime strolls, picnics at the beach and al fresco brunches quite like a basket bag. I'm jumping on the basket bag trend this spring and I won't deny that I love that these bags are super popular.

I love the natural colours and textures and the overall earthy vibe they bring to any look. Whether you pair them with your favourite dress or denim cut-offs or some tailored pants and a blouse, they add this effortlessly chic element to any outfit.

The great thing about this trend is that there are soooo many different styles and lots of very affordable options! From oversized straw totes to mini rattan box bags and wicker baskets, this stylish carry-all is a fashion favourite. I've rounded up a few of my favourite options below.

The Oversized Coat.

Andrea Porritt

With some crazy snowstorms this year and a whole lotta blah weather in between, I'm thinking we should just skip January, February and March and go right into spring! Since I can't really do much skiing this year, with the new babe and all, the only positive thing about this crummy winter weather is getting to hide my postpartum squashy belly with oversized clothing and lots of layers. Ha!

Enter: my new favourite coat!

I was super excited when I heard that Mansur Gavriel was launching coats as well as a beautiful collection of knits this season. I've been a fan of their handbags for a while and am still totally smitten with the red lipstick lined black leather bucket bag Dennis got me last Christmas. 

I had been eyeing their oversized wool coat since they launched their Ready to Wear collection this past fall and when I saw that it had gone on sale on Boxing Day I couldn't resist!

Menswear inspired, this oversized coat takes it's cue from boyfriend jeans with it's boxy silhouette, structured yet slouchy lines, giant pockets and notched lapels. Personally, I love wearing oversized clothes, especially outerwear, and being a tall girl I also love the fact that this coat is long!

I LOVE this coat. And it's designed to go with absolutely everything. Easy, elegant and made from the finest Italian fabrics, this coat sets my heart aflutter in a major way. It completely transforms any outfit, remaining functional and ideal for cozing up during those winter days. This chic and cozy cover-up would also be perfect for those looking to upgrade their airport ensemble. This coat is pretty much sold out, but I've linked some super similar ones below (and most of them are on sale!!!).

An Overall Update.

Andrea Porritt

Well I'm officially 36 weeks pregnant! Yikes! Only 4 more weeks to go... hopefully!

My growing bump is making a BIG fashion statement and has started to make dressing during my third trimester, well... tricky. I'm trying to go with it but some days I walk into my closet, let out a huge sigh, then turn around and walk out. I've chatted with lots of my girlfriends and other amazing ladies who have kids and I've yet to meet a single one who felt totally gorgeous during her third trimester. Big and uncomfortable? Absolutely. Glamorous and chic? Not so much.

Staying motivated to look cute while being 36 weeks pregnant is starting to become challenging, but I'm determined to stay the course. One of my go-to's has been overalls! I've been wearing them throughout my entire pregnancy and not only are they stylish but also super comfortable and versatile! I wore them a ton with slides during the summer but now that it's fall I've switched to sneakers. My high heel wearing days are pretty much numbered at this point.

The only downside is that they can be a bit tricky to take on and off, especially when it comes to my incessant bathroom visits (frequent urination anyone?!). But at this point they're just too comfortable for that to even matter. I love them too much to care and the roomy waist is a dream come true. Hoping these babies keep me looking and feeling good right up until D-day.

Sweater Dress.

Andrea Porritt

I bought this sweater dress back in September and I've been living in it ever since! I've been transitioning into fall clothing and I love that this sweater dress still fits, even with my growing bump! It has been on heavy rotation lately! I've worn it a ton with knee high boots (so I don't have to wear pants) but also thrown over jeans - definitely one of my fall favourites. 

I haven't had to buy any maternity clothes yet... I've really just been playing around with the things I already have in my closet, trying to get the most from some of my classic looks. I mean just because your pregnant doesn't mean you have to go out and spend a fortune on maternity clothes that you're only going to wear for a few months. A little improvisation goes a long way!

I'm about to hit 34 weeks this Saturday and then the 6 week countdown begins! Everything's been going well and I've been feeling good. My belly is definitely getting bigger and it's starting to get in the way - bending over has started to really suck. I guess I thought my belly would be softer and move with me a little more but man is it HARD! One of my girlfriends told me I have one "really awesome ab" right now. My one-pack is on fire! Ha!

Pink Teddy Coat.

Andrea Porritt

I hate to break it to you guys, but winter is just around the corner..... Which means, it's time to start thinking about coats.

Being 32 weeks pregnant I am all about wearing anything super cozy and snuggly, and this pink teddy coat fits the bill. If you've ever dreamed about wearing your bathrobe all day long get yourself a teddy coat! Named, of course, for its stuffed animal like texture. I bought this coat on sale at the end of last season and was so excited to bust it out this year. 

Being in my third trimester I am all about being comfortable, but I also don't want to compromise my style either. I find that a teddy coat can be a great compromise as they are super cute and cozy but also irreverent and edgy all at the same time.

Finding the perfect teddy bear coat can be a bit tricky. Sometimes a teddy coat can have the perfect shape but a cheap looking/feeling texture, or vice versa - the material and texture is perfect but the shape is awful. But the best thing about teddy coats... They aren't fur!

Outfit details

Aeryne Paris Teddy Coat - similar here and here | Citizens of Humanity Liya Torn Denim | Isabel Marant Leo Eyelet Velvet Flats (currently on sale!!) | Quay Australia 'After Hours' Sunglasses

We're Pregnant!!!

Andrea Porritt

Well it's official, Dennis and I are happy to share that we are expecting!

I thought something was up back in March when we were on our ski trip in Austria but it wasn't until a few weeks later when my boobs got mega sore that I thought I should investigate a little further. So I peed on a stick in Ventura, California back in April when we were on our California road trip and sure enough, it was positive. Dennis was super excited and I went into major shock! "WAIT, WHAT?!" "NO!!", I said. "ARE YOU SURE?!" "HOLY SHIT!!"

Although I don't exactly love being pregnant, I have to admit it's been pretty smooth sailing so far - at least in comparison to some of the horror stories I've heard.

The first trimester was pretty breezy -  yay for no morning sickness! I did however find myself crawling into bed at 7:00pm on more than one occasion. And there was one incident with a container of fresh greens and herbs whose aroma instantly triggered my gag reflex in a big way. I never actually threw up but that was the end of salads for a while. 

My second trimester was pretty low key as well. Except for when Dennis came home from work with a cold and gave it to me!! It was basically one of the worst colds I've ever had, compounded by the fact that I couldn't take anything for it. I felt like death for about four days.

I'd say the most annoying symptom I've experienced so far is having to pee ALL THE TIME! I used to be able to sleep through the night no problem, but now I have to get up at least 2-3 times just to pee! I mean seriously?! This little bean must be dancing on my bladder because I feel like I have to pee every 5 minutes. It sucks! The urge never stops! And when I do give in there really isn't much that comes out. It's driving me nuts! Has anyone else had this same experience??

I'm now into my third trimester and everything seems to be business as usual. Besides the frequent urination, I've also started getting a little achy in my lower back and have been woken up in the middle of the night on more than one occasion by a muscle spasm in my right calf. WTF? The last time this happened, it felt like a gun shot! Oh the joys.

Dennis and I have chosen not to find out the gender of our little nugget. Don't get me wrong, there is certainly a part of me that really wants to know, but we're waiting till December 16th for the big reveal. Only 10 more weeks to go!

Sateen Shirt Dress.

Andrea Porritt

It's been a less than ideal summer here in the Okanagan, at least in terms of weather. It all started out with a damp, cool and very rainy spring. It rained so much that Okanagan Lake hit its highest level on record, which caused beaches to disappear and houses to fill and flood with water! As the weather heated up things didn't get much better, as we went from floods right into forest fire season. And it has been super smoky here ever since! The Smokanagan!!! The smoke has been so bad that on some occasions you can't even see the other side of the lake, let alone the mountains.

Suffice it to say, I am looking forward to fall! And to kick things off, I'm starting with this awesome Sateen Shirt Dress from Zara. I was all about dresses this summer and I've decided to carry this vibe right on through to fall.

The one thing I love about this shirt dress is its versatility! I've been wearing this dress a fair bit lately and find myself switching up the overall look with shoes and accessories.  I kept this look casual and sleek with a pair of loafer slides (my new favourite shoe for fall) and a shoulder bag. Once the weather starts to get a little cooler I plan on layering this shirt dress over jeans - my answer to fall's chilly-but-not-cold temperatures.


Off The Shoulder Dress.

Andrea Porritt

When it's blazing hot outside, the last thing you want to be feeling is constrained by your clothes. So to stay cool, I've been taking advantage of some hot weather trends, especially flowy off-the-shoulder pieces like this pretty blue dress. These pieces allow you to show a little skin without revealing too much, they're also sexy, fresh and help even out those pesky tan lines!

I wore this dress to the Kitsch Wine party over the weekend and it did not disappoint. This was my second time attending the event and it's always lots of fun and filled with endless wine to get you in the mood!  

Remember, you always need the right accessories to complete your summer look. Rattan bags, leather slides and gold jewellery do it for me!

Off-the-shoulder dress

Maxi Ruffle Dress.

Andrea Porritt

Even though jeans and denim are my go-to, there's nothing that can compare to a beautiful maxi dress. I am a huge fan of maxi dresses this summer and this one from MISA Los Angeles is no different. Maxi dresses have it all - casually stylish, feminine, comfy and elegant. They're also super versatile and easy to wear, from lounging at the beach to strolling around the farmers markets to date night dinners.

Since there are maxi dresses for just about any occasion and there are so many reasons to wear a pretty dress during the summer, so I added a few other favourites below.


Andrea Porritt

I just ordered a bunch of new dresses for summer and this little number was the first to arrive! I'm all about easy dresses in the summer time and this one ticks all the boxes. 

The fit is relaxed, effortless and oh so comfortable - the material is super soft and it even has pockets! I was worried that this dress might be a bit sheer since I ordered it online and didn't have a chance to try it on before hand, but it's perfect - no VPLs  (visible panty lines) here!

Embroidery is such a big trend this spring, and I love that we're seeing colourful embroidery on everything from jeans and t-shirts to bags and shoes. Embroidery has been around for a long time, but this year this artful trend is making a serious comeback. Spring is coming up embroidery!

This Free People dress is a perfect example of how embroidery is the perfect mix of feminine and boho, and it comes in four different colours! I paired mine with my favourite flatform espadrille sandals that I bought last year, but this dress would look great with just about anything, from slides to heels. I know I'll be living in this dress all summer!

Embroidered Summer Dress
Embroidered Summer Dress
Embroidered Summer Dress
Embroidered Summer Dress
Embroidered Summer Dress
Embroidered Summer Dress
Embroidered Summer Dress
Embroidered Summer Dress
Emboidered Summer Dress

Blush Flush.

Andrea Porritt

It's been feeling pleasantly milder as of late, and I've slowly started to shed my oversized knits in favour of something a little more transitional on the outerwear layering front.

Enter, the duster coat, a slouchy longer line version of its close cousin the trench. I came across the Mya coat from Aéryne and although this coat is billed as a trench, it fits quite nicely into my 'duster coat' requirements - lightweight, a relaxed fit, and hits just below the knee. This coat has tricky, trans-seasonal layering on lockdown!

The transition from winter to spring is always so refreshing, and for me, the undeniable colour trend for the season ahead is pink. But not just any pink. Blush pink! This ultra feminine shade looks great on every skin tone, and it's the easiest colour to style with pretty much anything you own.

Dainty Jewelry.

Andrea Porritt

In the past I've been all about big and bold jewelry. My jewelry collection shows that I tend to favour colourful bracelets, cocktail rings and statement necklaces. But recently, I've started to add more delicate pieces into my jewelry rotation. Now don't get me wrong, statement jewelry and oversized pieces absolutely have their place and purpose in every girl's wardrobe, but there's something about delicate and dainty pieces that is truly extra special.

Sometimes the most dainty little pieces can really be all you need to complete your look, and the simplest item is often times the best choice - think classic, elegant and minimal. There are lots of adorable and affordable delicate jewelry options out there to go with all your looks - show off your initials, favourite symbols, cute charms and zodiac signs. 

So how to wear thin jewelry??? You can stack the bracelets and/or rings and layer the necklaces to create a slightly more elevated look. Or keep it super simple with one tiny piece. Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but simple, dainty jewels are an everyday staple. 

Denim on Denim.

Andrea Porritt

It's a rare day that I'm not wearing denim of some sort. Whether it's a pair of jeans or a denim top or jacket, I usually have at least one piece on. It's just the easiest, most versatile thing you can wear!

Then of course there's those denim-on-denim days. I love pairing different shades of denim together, like white jeans and a blue denim jacket or black jeans and a chambray shirt. It's virtually impossible to go wrong this way. But I definitely avoid wearing a denim outfit that's the same weight and/or wash! As I never want to look too matchy-matchy.

You can even use denim shades to hide or flatter specific body parts. As a general rule, lighter shades of denim draw attention to the body parts they cover, while darker washes create a sliming effect. 

Distressed jeans are my go-to, and this pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans have been my favourite for a while - I even bought them in grey! I paired them with an old denim shirt that I've had for forever, and I wore a little striped tank underneath for a little something extra.

I layered on my Brullon Sweater from Aritzia for some extra warmth because it is winter after all! This sweater is such a great layering piece and I love it's oversized silhouette. I topped everything off with my Marc Fisher booties that I've been rockin' all winter long and the beautifully streamlined Saddle Bag from Cuyana for a little pop of colour.

Finding the Perfect Coat.

Andrea Porritt

It's official... Fall has left us and winter is in full effect! 

Every season has it's small personal battles, and in winter, it's mastering the art of finding that perfect coat. The beauty of the coat challenge is that once you've found it, you probably won't need to look again for a very long time. The catch being that it's nearly impossible to find it in the first place.

Fortunately for me, I found my perfect coat at the end of last winter (and even managed to get it on sale!). The first time I saw the Sézane Johnston camel coat it was definitely love at first sight. This coat is one of my wardrobe staples that works for just about any occasion. Brisk walk to get coffee? Camel coat. Casual weekend getaway? Camel coat. Off to flash someone but it's too cold for a trench? Camel coat, camel coat, camel coat.

Here are a few tips to finding that perfect winter coat:

1. Invest in Quality - Buy the best you can afford and read every label carefully! Cheap acrylics and polyester won't keep you warm in a snow storm. Make sure you're buying something of quality, especially if you're getting spendy. 

2. Be Prepared for Disappointment - Try on lots of coats until you find the right one. And try not to be discouraged by the failures; persistence and optimism are key. 

3. Be Patient - This will come in handy when you're trawling through an avalanche of coats. If you're going to find the perfect coat you need to see ALL the coats, which will take time. A frazzled and bored coat hunter is never going to come up with the goods.

4. Have Enough Room to Wear Layers Underneath - This should go without saying, but I wanted to make a point of this. Not having enough room for layers is the most restricting uncomfortable thing on earth.

5. Know Your Body - Knowing exactly what you're looking for in terms of what suits your body best (calf-length, knee-length, hooded, collared, double-breasted, tie-waist, button-up, etc.) will ease the process by eliminating a swath of coats that don't suit you. 

Summer Shoulder.

Andrea Porritt

This summer has been all about shoulders, from pretty tops to glam gowns, exposed shoulders have been the latest and chicest way to show some skin this summer. This has been great news for me because unlike my abs my shoulders always seem to look good, so I don't have to worry about missing a cardio class or two.

I have been rockin' this shoulder baring Hattie dress from LA based label Tularosa all summer long! Easy and breezy this dress is very much à la bohemian California style but I find the cute polka dots add a slight retro twist. 

It's an easy pullover style with a relaxed and flowy silhouette that looks great belted or worn loose for a free and easy vibe. The scoop neckline and front-tie keyhole add just the right amount of sass and I love the flirty flounce hem. It's the perfect dress for patio sippin' or dancing away those hot summer nights. 

Outfit Details:

Tularosa Hattie Dress from Revolve Clothing.

Audrina Flatform Espadrilles from Sole Society.

Shashi Riyaz Clutch from Revolve Clothing.

Fringe Is In.

Andrea Porritt

Fringes slapped on clothes or accessories have the magic power of looking trendy AND versatile. So they basically can go from music-festival-style to office-hours-look. And all the styles in between.

Fringe has been around for decades. Hello roaring '20s!! Later, the '70s brought the fringe back into the spotlight with a more bohemian-unglamorous-yet-incredibly-cool take.

Today, you can find fringe on pretty much everything, shoes, bags, tops, tees, skirts, dresses, necklaces, belts, bracelets, jackets, the options are endless!

So how to wear this trend? I like to think that the shoes set the tone for the whole look. While fringes can look posh, chic, glam, edgy, they will always have the bohemian vibe to them. So keeping them boho-chic à la 70s style is definitely one way to go about it. Look for fringe on suede jackets, shirts and slouchy handbags. And to complete such a look be sure to rock bed-hair, long hair, middle part, round shades, gladiator sandals or moto boots, and maybe even a fur vest (but maybe not in summer).

I would however proceed with a little bit of caution when incorporating fringe into a look as this trend can easily read too costume-y if you take it too far. I would suggest pairing your fringe piece with something modern or minimalist to offset any potential rodeo vibes.


Outfit Details:

Anthropologie Redonda Tank.

Denim Shorts (old) - The Gap.

Janessa Leone Lola Hat

Audrina Flatform Espadrilles from Sole Society. Similar styles here and here.

Seeing Stars.

Andrea Porritt

Do you have that one item in your closet that you can just slip on without much thought and it will go with anything??

Well this Slim Signature silk star blouse from Equipment is exactly that to me. I've worn it on multiple occasions and with lots of different outfits and it really is such a versatile little number. It looks great with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans and some slides or it can be dressed up with some killer accessories and a pair of leather leggings.

The Equipment 'Slim Signature Blouse' is a slimmer version of the original 'Signature Blouse' - which tends to be longer and a little more loose fitting. But no matter which style you choose these blouses are glorified for good reason: great quality and a classic design. The material is super soft, comfortable and not a all see-through and I've found that these blouses are more substantial in weight and more snag proof than many of their less expensive mall counterparts. They are absolutely classic in style, tailored, very versatile and work so well with a variety of different outfits and looks. 

Yes these blouses can be pricey, but since they're such a classic wardrobe staple I think they're worth it. 

Outfit Details:

Equipment Slim SIgnature Silk Shirt in Black Star Print.

Denim shorts (old) - The Gap.

Shoes - Sole Society 'Audrina' Flatforms

Flatforms & Flowy Tops.

Andrea Porritt

Babydoll style tops and dresses are one of the greatest things you can have on hand in your closet this season for comfy easy summer style. This white babydoll long sleeve Frida Flowy Top from Shop Sincerely Jules goes great with jeans and shorts alike. I love this top for spring and summer! It's loose, light, and breezy so it won't stick on those hot summer days. I love pairing this top with cute cut-offs or a pair of light washed distressed denim. Don't be afraid to layer on some dainty necklaces for a little extra detail.

As far as shoes go, the espadrille is the summer shoe trend of the season. It's the perfect solution for a casual, comfortable and stylish look. I bought these super cute flatform espadrilles from Sole Society and I'm totally obsessed! They're just so cute and 'springy'. I've been wearing them just about every day and I love the comfy platform, it's seriously the best option if you want to be comfortable but still get a bit of lift. 

Happy Weekend!


Early Spring Vibes.

Andrea Porritt

It's finally Spring! I'm slowly starting to transition my closet but haven't totally been able to pack away my warm cosy winter sweaters just yet. Spring dressing can be tricky. When the weather forecast calls for 20 degrees during the day and 10 degrees at night, I'm sometimes stuck racking my brain to come up with a chic look that works for both. Sound familiar???

Well this outfit has been one of my go-to's on those temperamental weather days. Mixing white jeans into looks is one of my favourite ways of transitioning from winter to spring. They pair perfectly with prints and other shades of denim, making it extra easy to play around with layers. I paired mine with this stylish faux wrap top from Free People. Boho-chic is the theme of this versatile top that's perfect for spring and boasts a high-low hem with a hint of skin. It's not too sheer so it can be worn on its own, it has a nice relaxed fit and isn't overloaded with extra fabric.

Outfit Details:

Free People 'Before Dawn' Surplice Top - and here

J Brand Distressed White Jeans (old) - similar here.

Green Jacket (old) - similar here.

Mimco Bag (old) - similar here.

Vegan Suede Moto Jacket.

Andrea Porritt

I finally got my hands on this soft buttery suede jacket from Aritzia! This dark camel brown moto jacket is going to be on regular rotation in my wardrobe this Spring - the perfect season for a lightweight jacket.

This jacket is great and looks amazing with everything but my favourite part about this jacket is that it's made form luxe vegan suede and is totally cruelty free!!! The texture is rich and super soft and it has a great authentic look and feel, adding a great deal of depth, warmth and richness to any outfit. Wear it with denim to elevate a casual look.

Like all jackets the best have simple designs and this vegan suede moto jacket is no exception. The styling is totally classic: silver hardware, an asymmetrical zipper and an adjustable belt along the bottom hem. Oh and I love the saturated earthy tone. Avoid jackets with excess pockets, zippers or fringe. Simple is always in style, ensures maximum versatility and helps you from becoming a fashion victim!

Outfit Details:

Talula Morton Jacket in Dark Camel from Aritzia. Similar styles here and here.

The Crossfire Cami from Free People. 

Citizens of Humanity Dark Rocket Indie. Similar here

Aquazzura Karlie Block Heel Suede Lace-Up Pumps. Lots of other great pumps that are less expensive and similar in style hereherehere and here.